questionswhat are your thoughts on this canadian psa about…


"farting is completely natural; you shouldnt be ashamed of it." - me after missing the point of the commercial entirely


"I'm just a social farter" is going to be my new go-to excuse for letting one rip in public.


I think this kind of minimizes the point of not smoking. It's not just unpleasant and smelly. It is hazardous to your health even in small amounts. This commercial misses that point entirely. Yes, that message is tough to reach on young people, but what this sort of minimizes it.


A lot of things are "natural." Having bowel movements is one. Would you do that in public? In view of other people? Many years ago I made a joke about that...wondered when toilets would be installed in plain site in living rooms. "It's natural, you know? :-/

Farting? Yup, it's probably natural. Some of us only do that in private, i.e. in the bathroom. Social smoking? Nope, don't do that. I smoke in private, in my own home. Can't do it elsewhere anymore. I comply; am a 'thoughtful' smoker.

Lectures on the horrid effects of smoking & 2nd hand smoke elude me. I do not smoke in public, nor afflict others w/my deadly habit. Nor do I fart in public. Don't carp (sic on purpose) or have sex in 'public' either.

TMI? Thought so. ;-)


@gmwhit: @wootfast mentioned the "natural" aspect, not the PSA. I noticed that both of you got downvoted, and I don't understand that.


@jsimsace: Ah, well. I probably didn't answer your question in a direct manner. My fault. Once again.

As to the worth or value of the public service's, IMO, funny. That may make those watching it think about the bad effects of smoking (farting).

If it does, that's really good. In that respect, then what's the harm? The down-voting? Nothing new, eh?


I'm a social asshole. I am only an asshole when I want to meet new people. :)


I think it's offensive to people with flatulence issues.


I have to say that is the best psa I have seen in years. I have no clue what the purpose is, so I personally think it fails at whatever its goal is, but I think it is funny as heck.


You can't really control if/when/where you fart. You can totally control when/where you smoke. Obviously, both should be done away from others who don't want to be exposed to it. Farts? Well, accidents happen. Smoking in front of others? No excuse.
Most folks will go to the restroom if they have to rip one. A dedicated room for an involuntary function. I've been to casinos and airports that have enclosed smoking rooms. I think it's funny because smokers don't like to spend much time in there because it's too smokey. Smokers annoyed by smoke...heh, the irony.


Well, they found a way to "rip one" on Smokers'.


It's clever. I just don't think the analogy is good enough for the commercial to truly be effective. Farting is something everyone does, and it's not detrimental to your health.


@bsmith1: I don't think you'd want to combine the smoking room and the farting room, though. Combining methane and zippos could have explosive results.


Where ever you're sitting at this exact moment was probably smoked in at some point in time. This cube I'm in right now. Your bedroom. You get the idea