questionsdid you hear that yahoo is shutting altavista…


Touch Babelfish and pull back a bloody stump.


That's it. Yahoo, sit still while I sharpen this cleaver. Sure, works, but still. A promise is a promise, you touched it, you pay the price.


What's Altavista?

(it's a joke I read your question, thanks for the lesson in ancient history)


@cowboydann: You mean, you didn't just google it? ;)
Just think - in some alternate universe, the common verb may be to 'vista it...


Works now, better than last time I used it (+10 years ago). I imagine that has something to do with yahoo search.
Hey! My email does not work, I want my money back!


The people who use AltaVista as their search engine are going to be pretty pissed. Both of them.


I loved Altavista when it first came out. One of the best features it had was an image search "find others like" so you could easily search tons of images simply on how they appeared and not how they were named. I also used Altavista to find the vendor where I made my very first Internet purchase! A Bunn instant brew coffee maker just like we had at work. Good times,,,,


Alta Vista, Astrid... WHAT'S NEXT??