questionslike "digital copies" with dvds or bluray, when…


There will always be some app that can convert older media to a newer format. With something as simple as a file containing an ebook you don't need to worry about losing quality when transcoding. Apps currently available, like calibre, can already convert ebook files easily between pdf, .mobi and epub. Of all the formats/technology to advance and become obsolete, ebooks are probably the LAST thing I'd worry about.

Finally, with Amazon, your ebook purchases are always there.... you can delete them from your devices, and gain access to them again anytime from Amazon on other new devices you may come to own.

As an example, old photos can be scanned and cleaned up digitally... those old 35mm slides can now be viewed on your flatscreen, phone, or pc. Same for those old 8mm home movies. Vinyl can be ripped and stored as mp3s, AAC, Flac, WAV, whatever format you want.


Never, there is no incentive. Would you like a code that would allow you to update your VCR tape to Laser Disc to VCD to DVD to HD DVD to BluRay to BluRay 4k?
Me too! Never going to happen.