questionsdoes anyone have experience cooking with a…


Never used one for cooking, but they work great for warming up my tissue culture media.

Seems a little over the top for standard kitchen setup. I think I'd rather have a swanky oven.


I know people who know people.

Seriously, I can ask a couple of people in the know, off line, and send you an email about them. The person that knows the most travels bunches; it might be a day or two.

I'm interested to see if anyone pipes up here, too.

Good question.


@shrdlu: @okham: Thanks, both of you, for piping up. Yes, it kind of DOES resemble something I remember from my Microbiology Lab back in college.

The lazy part of me says "yeah, put dinner in HOURS early and then go on about your day and it won't get burned," and the other part pf me knows that sometimes I can't organize my way out of a paperbag AND that I rarely use the vacuum sealer I was given for Christmas 2 years ago. I keep forgetting I have it.

It's kind of like some crazy water bath version of a crock pot.

I upgraded to a swanky oven (swanky for me--can't afford a SUPER high end) back in November.


these are very well thought of by chefs. Just search the Chowhound and other cooking sites -


@sheshopsalot: Thank you for commenting. It looks like it was your first Deals activity. I kinda feel honored! What I was/am looking for are in-home experiences with this item by normal, run-of-the-mill cooks, and not necessarily foodies, who actually cook rather than open a box of something and add water.


I'm slow to respond, but wanted to let you know you can try it out for cheap using plastic bags and a cooler: I did it with a steak and it came out great, but now I really want to buy this machine


@hairofthedog: Thanks for the link. I'm still toying with the idea of purchasing an oven. I have seen cut rate models for about half the price as the Sous Vide Supreme & Demi ovens, but I kind of believe you get what you pay for. I had wondered about experimenting with a crockpot but never with a cooler. Interesting.
@shrdlu had provided me with several links as well, including a make-your-own water oven. Decisions, decisions. (I owe you an email, my friend. Haven't forgotten, but have just been laaaaazy.)