questionstent question


There's a good chance the deal has expired. It happens.
You should tattle on the deal:
Click "tattle" at the bottom, right of the deal. From the pull down box select "expired". In the comment box note that the price has gone up to whatever the new price is. Click submit.
Many people also leave a comment that the deal has expired or the price has increased to whatever or something similar so that others know.

Tattling helps keep the site neat and tidy and also improves your reputation (if you care about that).


It's also possible that there is a code that needs to be used at checkout that will change the price.


I disagree. That is not a question.


@fireman307: Welcome to Woot! Just so you understand, the community deals are posted by woot members, not sold by woot, unless specified (sometimes some do show up there, but the majority are not). Clicking on them takes you to another site, which is where you would make your purchase. Items sold by woot will say something.woot or moofi (inverted woot!). All other deals are sold via a third party, and posted by the wonderful community here at woot. So, if you see a great deal on something, hit the "woot this deal" button and share it. And if you see a deal here that is expired, tattle on it.


@professore: You had to read between the lines. The actual question was, "What the heck, that isn't the price, I wonder if it has something to do with that tombstone on the deal? ?#@^&&%!"

Oh yeah, @fireman307: a tombstone means the deal is expired.