questionswhen is tech.woot going to get to participate in…


Well when they launched the other websites we were often told that we'd have to wait until the next woot-off, so they could accumulate enough items in the warehouse.

It's been what... like 2-3 since the launch of tech.woot?

Perhaps it will never get the glorious woot-off lights :/


I'm looking forward to this as well. Maybe next month...


the main page during the woot off has all the tech stuff you need, we don't need more tech stuff, we need more of the "other " stuff


@mkentosh: Exactly. I was looking through the blog to see what I missed overnight during the wootoff, and thought I'd accidentally clicked on the tech.woot site instead.


It's shy! (No, I don't have an answer to this one, but perhaps we can eye the folks that know and get a generic estimate. No guarantees on that, though.)


They're still too new. Maybe in January....