questionshow long does it usually take to ship ?


In my experience, Woot stuff is between 1 and 4 weeks.


First, welcome to Woot! and the forum.

It appears you joined Woot! on August 18, 2012. Unless you bought something under a different account the item you bought would've been gotten in the last 4 or five days. With the exception of some Shirt.Woot! purchases, I have never had to wait longer than two weeks to get anything from any of the Woot! sites.

I would wait a few days more and if you still don't see any shipping information I would email Woot!. The few times I've emailed them about something they've always been great in getting back to me quickly.


It could take as long as six or seven months. If you could come back then and ask again?


Wow, I must have been fired up after I got home from work. Snarky! Apologies.


Woot items ship from a variety of places, all on different schedules. Sometimes, items will go out in a day, others can take up to 10 (yes, I've personally seen that). If you chose standard $5 shipping, be patient. If your item hasn't shipped by Monday, I would contact for an update. If you chose a faster shipping method, email today and ask them what happened.

(If you do choose to contact service, you will get an automated email with a case # on it within one day - if you don't get this, check your SPAM folder. If it's not there, email again. If you don't get it again, post here or on the woot forums and someone will help you.)

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Patience, grasshopper. You will learn it here. :)


Welcome. I'm assuming you are talking about an order from Woot and not another retailer via a deal posted here.

It can take up to 5 business days for an item to process and ship although it's often faster than that. Many of our TVs are drop-shipped directly from the vendor so the tracking will update once we receive the tracking info from the vendor.

If you ordered on the weekend, it's probably heading out or will in the next day. If you don't see any tracking movement by Monday afternoon, email for assistance.


Ordering things on a Saturday makes it feel longer than it actually is. Nothing ships on weekends (usually). However, I only stumbled across this because I've been waiting for my stuff to ship and decided to do some Googling.

Did you get your stuff yet? Just wondering. Lol