questionsdoes the amazon rewards card work for woot! ?


You'll get 1 point, not 3. You only get 3 points for stuff sold and fulfilled by Amazon. Even if you buy items from woot's Amazon storefront, Amazon still treats woot like another seller.


What @bsmith1 said. I have that card and Woot is treated like any other generic purchase, it's only items sells and fulfills.


I just got to give a shout out to Amazon for having awesome rewards. First, their prices are great as they usually price match major retailers. There is also the subscribe and save option that gives you a discount on some items. I have the Amazon Visa rewards card, so I get the rewards points. I have Amazon Prime, so I get the streaming video and free 2-day shipping. Some Prime items will have a no-rush delivery option that gives you $ for digital content in return for not doing the 2-day shipping. And that ain't all! I get perks just for buying items like $ for streaming video or MP3 downloads. Sometimes I don't even know there is a special offer on the item until I get email saying I've had a credit applied to my account. I also like how they do the pre-order bonuses and release date delivery guarantee on video games. Basically what I'm saying is; Amazon is the balls.


@bsmith1: Thanks for the info! And yah I have prime too and love it! But I havent seen the promos for not using the 2 day shipping...


@hirshy: When I buy something and proceed to checkout I get a checkbox for "choose your Prime shipping speed". The default is 2-day but the first option is no-rush 5-7 day with a $1 promo for music/movies.


@bsmith1: Also, do you get your rewards at the end of the pay period? And are all gas stations / restaurants under the 2 pts/$ category? Sorry for all of the questions - I just got the card and it's also my first credit card!


@hirshy: Good luck with your first card! The interest rate isn't great, so try to pay off the balance every month. (or else it could get away from you)

Your reward points will be added to your account each billing cycle. (monthly statement) As far as I know, the 2 points are good at all gas stations and restaurants. You can check your reward balance on both the credit card site and Amazon.


now that amazon is fulfilling woot orders from its distribution centers shouldn't you schlubs be complaining to management?