questionshow long is too long to stay at a hotel?


Between leaving our apartment in July and buying a house in September my wife and I lived in a hotel. It wasn't a very nice experience, we had to find something cheap. She left to stay with her parents for a few weeks. I had to work so I toughed it out.

Then in October (same year as above 2013) I went to Colorado to do emergency engineering work after the floods. I lived in three different hotels for about 6 continuous weeks total. The work was rewarding, the pay was amazing, and I would definitely do it again.


I spent many hours and days away from home while I worked, and I don't willingly travel anywhere now (other than to visit my darling daughter in the Big D), but where you stay always has a big influence on whether or not it's pleasant. Why you're there also counts. You'll be traveling for pleasure, rather than work, and you say it's a nice place, that you've been before, and that you like.

I think the question is really how long do you like to be away from home. I have friends who've lived for years in a hotel (more common in LA, SF, and NYC than in other areas), and they're perfectly content, because it's home. I love being home. Any time I leave, after four days, I'm done with wherever I am, and I want to be home.

Time to go outside and see if the soil is warm enough yet to germinate carrots. I love fresh carrots (and Spring).


(tl;dr: There's no place like home. There's no place like home.)


@shrdlu: Completely agree! I have stayed at some incredible hotels and still want to be back in my little shack. If this event was not a 1.5 hour drive each way from my house I would just do the drive.


I am a home-body also. My home is my haven, my tranquility. I do enjoy staying in nice hotels, but I don't think I have ever done so for more than 4 days. It's always good to get home to your own bed.


I love staying in hotels/motels. Especially nice ones with room service. But whether it's a Motel 6 off the interstate or a grand old hotel in some wonderful local they all mean the same thing : that I'm having an adventure ! I guess it must be the "Took" side of my family ;-)


I've stayed in a hotel up to three weeks at a time when I've travelled for business. As others have said, a lot of it depends on where you stay. It also depends on what you value in a hotel.
First off, for me, free wifi is a deal breaker.

Then, if I'm there more than a couple of nights, I want some place with a kitchenette with a reasonable sized fridge and microwave and ideally some cups, dishes and silverware. I also want a couch and coffee table and enough room that it doesn't feel like there's too much furniture stuffed into the space (Extended Stay America places feel like that).

A good fitness room/center is also important to me. That means multiple pieces of cardio equipment in good working order and some room for body weight exercises on the floor. I prefer hand weights and a bench to the universal weight machines, but that's not always easy to find.

A nice, free breakfast and a meal some/most evenings is a great bonus, but not as important as other things for me.


I lived at a Homewood Suites for 2 was a very nice hotel but I was glad to finally move into my house I must say. Bonus - became a diamond level Hilton member.