questionsbought something i thought was new but is very…


Was it this item from Sellout.woot?

It was sold as a refurbished item as shown at the end of the write-up. It was also noted at the top of the product page on the day of sale.

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I was incorrect in my assumption that it was new. However, doesn't refurbished mean that it was brought back up to factory new condition? I guess in the times I've purchased a refurbished item, it looked new.

In this case, it really does look like it was handled by a 5 year old for a year. Not a happy camper but since I was told by Woot! customer service that I'm stuck with it, I don't have much else to do except complain and probably not buy anything else from Woot! Very unfortunate since I had such good feelings about the site prior to this experience.