questionsneed some good qualty earbuds, what do you…


by "earbuds" do you mean friends to talk to? is this a cry for help?!?

edit: Oh, now I see! :)


These used to pop up on Woot a lot though I haven't seen them now in a long time. I have about 6 sets of these and they are hands down the best earbuds I've ever used. Don't know if this helps you since it's not on saleaday and they are more than the ones you posted but thought I'd throw this up here at least for comparison sake.
Plus, if they ever do pop up on Woot again my advice: BUY THEM!!!


I am biased toward my Klipsch IMAGE S4. My wife got them for me as a gift and they are great isolating out my co-workers who blab all day(im a graphic designer so its great for focus)...might be pricey for you, not sure your price range....


@matthalbig: I also use the Klipsch Image and am happy with them.

Can you give us a price range? There are some very, very nice custom models to be had if you are willing to drop 5 or 6 Benjamins. I'm guessing that you probably had far less than that in mind.


@wilfbrim: @matthalbig I was thinking of spending like 30 bucks or so, I'd definitely go up in price if the right pair emerges. I have some throwaways (the ones I linked up top) but would like a pretty nice pair for use around the house.

So 30 bucks would be nice, but I could double that or so if there's a really good pair


I've sworn by the Klipsch ProMedias, but someone stole them, I bought a pair of sennheiser cx485s recently when they dropped to $19.99 and I relly like them a lot. Not quite as crisp a high as the klipsch, but they are very good for the price.