questionsanyone else's "woots" number get put back at 0/1?


it's a glitch. yesterday i was yellow square and white triangle. most of the day today i was back to normal (purple/black). but now, i'm yellow/black.

it'll pass.


Okay good. I was about to freak haha.


I want my green back. The yellow color is ugly


It may have struck everyone who made a purchase today. I noticed it right after I purchased the calendars (I don't think I'd made a purchase on Woot for a couple of weeks before today).

There are at least three questions right now concerning this, so it's a pretty recent event.


@shrdlu: Yeah, I just noticed after the calendar. The last purchase was the night vision goggles and I was fine after that.


@holymythos: Interesting. It was the calendars that did it, then.

{Double Ninja pretty funny, BTW}

It's a revisit of the problem from yesterday, but more widespread.


@shrdlu: Pesky calendars.

And the problem seemed to fix itself at their daily refresh time. I'm back at green :)


@flashkill: I spoke up minutes too soon. I am back at green and happy again.