questionswhat's it like today in your little corner of theā€¦


I woke up,
drank coffee,
went to my office to work,
will then take a nap after work,
go to the gym,
eat dinner,
then go to sleep.

If this was not a weekend, it would be a cycle that continues for 5 days straight. Now that the weekend is here, I get to clean, mow the lawn, help a friend move, etc.


Fridays and Mondays are always worse -- everything seems to break on those days. We have a task we are supposed to be wrapping up today -- I have my fingers crossed. I just have to re-scan when we think we are ready. Unfortunately, my main laptop got seriously messed up yesterday and I have to use the windows one for now until, I guess, I can get the other one re-formatted and get all my stuff re-installed. What a pain.

I could use a donut and a kitten/puppy right now.

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@cf: If your job is like mine, once you finish that task, you'll have another. Or, you're working on multiple tasks at the same time.

The donut sounds delicious but I'm not sure about the kitten or puppy. I'm a vegetarian so I'll skip eating one of those :)


My FB and Twitter feeds are filled with people fussing over not getting enough sleep. :|

In my imaginary world, I'm enjoying those donuts and cheese with all of you. Maybe a nice warm bagel with cheese, even.


My corner of the world is pleasant. It's quite cool out, a little breezy. There could possibly be a hurricane roaring it's way through soon enough.
Fridays are pretty good for me, I'm alone at the office, and I don't have all that many projects to catch up on, then I'll be free for the weekend.


In my corner, it's Nevada Day! Yay Nevada! Too bad I'm still at work...


I was only actually planning on playing with the kitten or puppy -- maybe a little nibbling on the ears.

The tasks are ever present but I sort of said we'd have this one part done today. I have only myself to blame....

cf cf

If you would have asked yesterday, I would have been out basking in the brilliant 78 degree sun of Indian Summer. Today, on the other hand, is cloudy and only high of 52. Can we go back to yesterday now?


In the real world, I have to be at work tomorrow at 7 AM woot time, then be "the man" until quitting time. I would normally have 3 employees + myself, but one is sick so that puts 25% more work spread among 3 people. In my imaginary world, I married you because you had me at bacon, donuts, chocolate milk and puppies. :)


IRL I was up at 5:15, then still hit traffic because 3 cars managed to get into an accident on what must have been a nearly deserted road. I had some very unkind thoughts for the drivers.

Work was OK, now I'm home and unhappy. The new house is well on it's way to being a money pit: plumbing issues, uneven settling, erosion problems, and that is just the start.

Maybe I'll put back another glass of my 2008 Woot cellars Christmas Red (really) and call it a week.