questionscan anyone suggest a track or lap timer for…


Years ago I used Speedometer by

It worked well, but I only used it for getting a solid error correction on my car's speedometer & 0-60 times.


@rlapid2112: Looks like a good App for running Triathlons...


That is not what mine looked like! I think I still have a backup of the original .apk, but, chances are, there will be no support for it. If I have it, I can email you the .apk of the original app.


@jdgm3nt4l: That is one of the Apps I've looked at...


Found a few more.

I read a vague reference that it uses the g-force sensors, I would write the dev and ask. Too expensive not to.

And this one says in the description that it will use sensor. At least it's free.