questionshow do you feel about woot plus?


It's really just a reimplementation of the old "side deals" program they had a while back. The main item on each site is still just as ephemeral in its stocking.


Confession: I actually hadn't paid much attention to the Woot Plus part at all. Mostly because it's just getting to be too much for me to care about monitoring each day--I'll happily check the email or visit one site to see what one thing is for sale on all the others, but I don't see myself wanting to explore the multiple Plus deals on every individual Woot page. It doesn't feel like Woot-style shopping for me, if that makes sense. Even in the email, I scroll past whatever's offered as Plus (and feel annoyed that it's placed above whatever's on the other Woot sites).

I didn't realize they were often selling things that had already been on Woot proper. But at the same time, it's seemed like for months now something will appear say, on Home.Woot, then on Woot, then on Sellout.Woot, then in a Woot-Off, lather-rinse-repeat until the final stock is dumped in a BoC. I suppose this is a preferable alternative to me for unsold stock.

(Edit: "This alternative" meaning "Woot Plus")


I'm ok with woot plus. It gives me one reliable place to get all my deal fixes.


Thumbs down. In fact thumbs down to almost all of the redesign. woot plus! belongs in a tab, not taking up real estate on each of the other 'sites.' Do like the tabs; just need get rid of the duplication of sites on the side & bottom of the pages.

The whole thing is like a conflagration totally out of control. Well, maybe not for those who enjoy glitzy, loud sites that shout about their deals. I am not one of those people. Obviously.

Yes, it's a new business plan & a brand new demographic. With @snapster's departure, it kind of seals the deal. The 'new' deal. Make that many, many MANY new deals. woot has outgrown me.


Ambivalent. I mostly scroll on by. No purchases here yet.


I'm still put off by the entire redesign, and the Woot Plus is the epitome of the put-off changes.

It takes up way too much real estate on the front page and is a significant contributor to the too-cluttered-too-busy look of the page. I find I pretty much avoid the page, since it's visually ugly and makes my eyes hurt.

I'm less concerned by the concept of Woot Plus than I am by the final product.


@heyjoie: I couldn't agree more. It's just too much. Woot already has 7 tabs up top (plus Moofi) each with their own item. Now you're adding three more windows per tab which, in themselves, contain another 12-15 items? Come on guys. I'm not searching through all that every day. That's not what Woot's about. I complete understand and agree. It detracts from Woot's mystic.


And to top it off, there's no place to discuss the items. An absolute killer for me.


I've actually been more interested in the Woot Plus deals than the regular Woot deals. Though I will admit the lack of discussion space for the Woot Plus deals is disappointing. Makes it harder to figure out if the products for sale are any good.


I would like to clear up a misconception here. The Woot Plus deals are not regurgitated merchandise that we didn't sell during our regular daily deals. We may periodically offer those but that's not the intent.

These are special buys hunted down by our team of excellent buyers. They will generally be in a smaller quantities so we can't offer them as a daily sale. Many that I have seen so far are by manufacturers or products that we haven't seen on our daily sites. For example:

Woot: Texsport Camping, Altec Lansing (products not offered previously)
Home: Bath Accessories, Furniture, Anolon pans
Sport: Alps Sportwear, High Peak Camping Equipment, Nike Polos
Kids: Guidecraft toys, Trend Lab Gifts, Mattel Disney Princess, Diono Car seats

That's just to name a few. I'm actually pretty excited about them. I've been watching them closely. I'm seeing some early Christmas gift purchases.


@firebirdude: Inky has been creating threads for each Plus sale in the World of xxxx for each site. We're aware of the issue of not having an easy-to-find discussion thread and we hope to have some changes to that in the future.


Disappointed or indifferent.

My disappointment stems from the fact that EVERY Woot Plus item that I've been interested in buying has been sold out by the time I noticed it was being offered.

I'm indifferent about the ones that I'm not interested in, just as I'm indifferent about the non-plus deals that I'm not interested in.


@baqui63: FYI: The Plus deals are usually posted at 9am CST. Check the sites early and often. These sales will sometimes have limited quantity and therefore, sell out quickly.


I admit that I will probably not purchase anything on any of the woot properties, but for a reason that seems to matter less to some than it does to me. I do not like the removal of the requirement for the CCV. I've seen somewhere or other that someone on staff said that (I'm paraphrasing, forgive the quotes) "now that we have this new login thing which is more secure, you don't need to enter the CCV".

Well, no. I checked with friends who work the back end systems of the major credit cards. The rules haven't changed. For online purchases, the preferred solution is to get the CCV. PCI compliance aside, the CCV implies that the card is in the possession of the person using it. Yes, yes, I understand how easy that is to overcome. Not the point. Making me log in a second time just to view purchases, or to purchase something, is not more secure than insisting I type my CCV before making a purchase.

So it goes.