questionscan you recommend a brand of good quality socks…


Question: does he run around in just socks? If so, then I'd suggest getting him to either put on shoes, or be barefoot. If not, then try some New Balance socks. I wear them and they're really good and durable if you ask me.


What brand of socks are you getting now? I love smartwool but they're not cheap and it seems like anything that goes on 11 year olds' feet isn't long for this earth, in which case costco sells durable and reasonably priced socks.


For how fast they will be going through them anyways, Hanes always works good for us. The black Ankle variety in particular. Price vs performance best bang for the buck and all that.


He's a boy. No socks will last well. They'll either be destroyed or lost. Buy cheap.


We've tried Hanes, Adidas, Nike, Goldtoe. Haven't tried New Balance, so I'll give that a shot. I am a member at Costco and hadn't thought about them, so I'm liking that idea as well. Thanks for the help all.