questionswhat company makes the best point-and-shoot…


Nikon!!! I love my COolPIX. There's a 10 MP for $99 on sale on the Deals right now. That would be my first choice.



Kodak, Olympus, Nikon, Pentax, and Canon I would say. My Canon powershot is awesome, I've won photography contests on shots taken with my little Kodak point-n-shoot, nikon just seems to make good stuff, and Olympus makes a fantastic camera -- my dslr is an Olympus, the company makes a good product I can say. Also, my one friend swears by his Pentax camera.....


Panasonic, Ricoh, Canon have the best right now. Next month it could be different (they change quickly).


At a recent press national conference I noticed that most of the cameramen had high end Cannon cameras. I am afraid that most of us can not afford them but the lower end versions of the EOS seem to be popular.


The best p&s quality comes from Canon, Sony, and Lumix.
Lumix is slower, but most of them have very good Leica glass on them.
Sony and Canon image quality and build quality is fantastic.
If i had to choose I would pick either the canon G series(G10, G11)
or the Sony wx-1 or hx-1. These are all high quality cameras.
Stay away from Kodak. They are cheap. But they're not built well.


I really like my Casio Elixim. I have it for four years. It takes great pictures. It has taken quite a beating actually and is still working fairly well, the view screen is JUST starting to get a little funky, and I think that is because it got wet this summer at the lake. I also love that it has a docking station for charging and uploading pictures, I got tired of removing the card from my old camera.


I had Nikon point-and-shoot cams in the past but I would never recommend another, my recent one had a shot motor and a broken screen very quickly... and I take good care of my stuff (my cell phone is another story). Casio and Canon are pretty good but any I have used weren't super impressive to me. I picked a Panasonic Lumix for my mom and she is very happy with it, as am I. High quality lens and quick and precise focusing. After using a friends Sony, I got myself a Cybershot DSC-W290 and have had an awesome time with it. Great pictures and lens quality, clear and large preview screen. Also very fast and great at focusing on faces or most "important objects." The focus works so well I sometimes struggle taking any shots that purposely do not focus but point-and-shoot cameras aren't really made for that anyway, eh? It looks pretty too.

Good luck picking!


Not knocking up Nikon in general, just point-and-shoots. The SLR's are fantastic... just my opinion again.

One more note - I agree with spaz up above... stay away from anything really cheap and/or Kodak. They sold out to Walmart a bit TOO much.


I think Canon makes the best point and shoot cameras... I have a SD780 IS that takes incredible photos!