questionsdo you sell or keep your old games once you haveā€¦


I don't think I've ever sold any of the games I've bought for any system. I even have old PC games that no one in their right mind would want to keep. Perhaps I have a problem :)

My collection is closing in on 1000 games total and growing.


I keep them. I play a lot of them again. But, the main reason is that my perceived value of them is often a lot more than I'd be able to get for them. I never buy them when they first come out. I usually wait until the price drops significantly before purchasing so that by the time I'm done, there is little market for them.


I used to sell them but now I like keeping them. It's nice to be able to replay them if I so desire plus a big collection simply looks nice. There's a bunch I don't remember selling but don't have/ know where they are, so I can only assume there's a nice box of Gameboy and PS1 games somewhere in my parents house.

@capguncowboy, this is an aside but you happened to comment here so...check your PMs.


See I don't sell mine either but a friend of mine got rid of some of hers and got me thinking and besides the misses is always on to me about I have to many. lol To the point I started thinking do I really need Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, and Rockband. I mean yeah they all have different songs but really? lol I picked out a few I'd never play again like gears of war and stuff but the ones that have a lot of replay (least with friends over multiplayer. I suppose could get boring playing the same 2 dozen songs over and over otherwise XD) I have trouble parting with.


My gaming is generally limited to online competitive play and as such they are never "beaten". I usually purchase the new versions when they're released though, and then sell the old version soon after.


I just remembered -- one time I had a Gameboy SP with about 10 games. There was a guy that I worked with whose daughter's house had burned down around Christmas time. He was talking about getting his grandchildren some games for Xmas, so I gave it to him. That's probably the only case where I've let any of my games go.


@capguncowboy: uhhh you forgot about me dude. I'm honored to have a fraction of a percent of your gaming collection in my house :P

Now that I know how rare an event this is I'll have to frame them or something. put them up on display

Oh yeah the question. Any time I have sold a game I've regretted it years down the road and ended up paying more than i sold it for to play it again. I keep almost all my games even if I wasn't totally pleased with them. Went back to the parents house for my old PSX and Megaman Legends last weekend. Pair that up with FFVII for PC and I have no life again.


@cowboydann: Ahh -- nearly forgot about that. Those were duplicate games that I found at my Grandpa's house after my step-ma passed away. There were quite a few still in the boxes with the plastic still on them. I pulled the ones I didn't have and gave the rest away. Funny -- I nearly forgot about that.


I've sold or traded away a lot of games, but still have a pretty large collection. I've been meaning to start selling them again but don't relish the idea of all those shipping labels, trips to the post office, and general hassle.


i have sold a few, and some i have given to grandkids.


I used to sell a few games. Here is what happens after a few years:
I get a hankering to play a game I have, I search high and low for the game, only to realize I sold it.

All the games are belonging to me.


I don't know how many games I have. It's probably in the hundreds.

Easily 99% (or higher) have never been played either.


Also, is a great place to buy downloadable games.

You don't get the game on any physical media, but your games will always be waiting for you there.

And since all their downloads are DRM free, the games you buy are downloadable as many times as you want, to any computer you want. (at least any computer that you are logged onto their website with)