questionswhat kind of video card would you recommend?


To be quite honest, I'm not sure what all that particular machine will handle - as anything that's truly "lightning fast" will require more power than your built-in power supply can likely handle, not to mention the fact that you're looking for a card to meet the exact PCI-E spec of the motherboard. Unless you can shell out the specifics, chances are that you're going to want someone who has experience to help gauge the situation by playing with the machine in a more hands-on fashion.

However, if you're comfortable doing any of this by yourself, here's the Newegg base-page for video cards. You should be able to find a decent one there that will play nice with the other components and power limitations.

And a note on the desire for HDMI - you could go cheaper and just find a good card with DVI, and then buy a cheap DVI-to-HDMI adapter.


Here's one that I have some personal experience with. Low power consumption.

Out of stock at Newegg, but you can probably find it elsewhere. A 4550 by another manufacturer would probably be good too.

A thread on Tom's Hardware suggests the 5570.

Here's one with HDMI for ~$90


I got this one for my kids computer:

Low power consumption, fairly low cost, and it runs most of the games my kids play (which I classify as "light gaming") with no problems.