questionsdid anyone else lose any reputation over theā€¦


I actually had the opposite happen to me. Been off work for a while now, and am not currently allowed to operate a motor vehicle for any period of time, so Deals.Woot has become my window to the outside world... well, after I pulled the curtains on the real windows to cut down on the morning glare...


I'm back down to a purple triangle but its probably justified. All the deals I found were already posted. I've been slacking.


Yes, and I blame the eggnog and the mistletoe.


Yes, but likely due to my leeching deals instead of posting. And since I rarely ask questions, deal posting was about the only thing keeping me in the top 50...


Yes, I lost all my rep. My family hates me now.


Cry me a river already.
Stop crying about losing your triangles and rep. There is no one to blame but yourself.