questionsdo you have other pets? let's give the dogs someā€¦


My pups frolicking in the snow:


Not biased, but he is the cutest pup around.


Yup! I have 1 and my gf has 3. Needless to say it gets crowded some times, but I love all of them!


My wife has a Pom, I have an English Great Dane. Sometimes they lay together. Apperntly the Dane thinks the Pom is a puppy.

I had a couple sugar gliders while in college, they were a lot of fun and incredibly tame. The female often slept in the pocket of my gem shorts or the hood of my hoodie.


Simba, the love of my life.

Simba at his job being a Therapy Dog for people with mental illnesses


@moondrake: That's not a woof, that's a pony!


Dexter the dog! (with stolen piece of apple in his mouth)


Oh, this is killing me! My wife and I want a puppy so bad!
We're hoping to hold out until spring. I want a chance to put up a fence in our backyard and allow for potty training when it's not SUPER cold out.
We want a full size dog -- probably a lab or something like that.


Before the cat we had bunnies, cute and cuddly.


I have one dog, a boxer who is going to turn 8 this year, and a mouse


This thread smells like wet dog. Cats rule!


Yep, I have a dog to go along with my cat. She's a good girl.


This is my baby, Chloe.

She has the whole puppy dog eyes going on. But don't let her fool you.


Well, it's been about 5 minutes since I posted a pic of my boys.
Here's Loki, disapproving of my interwebz habbits:

Thor with his favorite toy:

What? You need more puppeh?


My crazy dogs. They look very vicious when they play together. No animals were injured during this photo shoot. :)


My long-eared lettuce hound:


This is Daisy (about a year old or so). She's part Blue Heeler and part German Shepard -- I'm guessing she's about 60/40 (she weighs in at 50 lbs or so).


more piggy pics:
he and the kitty are best friends

check out my other kitty talking a self-shot on the other question:


(in addition to the 4 cats I posted about in the cat thread)

2 dogs:

Marilyn is a 17 year old mutt. She looks like an overgrown Chihuahua, is 17#, short hair, all white, with 1 golden brown eye and 1 blue eye.

Chevy is a 15 year old corgi-mix, cardigan type/with a tail. He is black and white. He weighs 29#, but could stand to lose a pound or 2.


I have a Jenday conure:

and I sometimes take care of injured ducklings until they get older. This is just one of many I helped rescue:


This is Starbuck the Wonder Pom. He is currently still living in South Florida. I really, really miss him.

These are my departed greyhounds, Forrest Gump and Jenny. I miss them every day.

That's Forrest on the left.


@samstag: I love the phrase "lettuce hound"! :)

This is a very happy making thread, as is the other one. :) I love seeing wooter pets!


@cengland0: Oh, my! I had a Jenday Conure for several years who looked much the same. Incredibly loud little critter! His cage was in my home office at a time when I had regular conference calls in the evening as I was serving on the national board and several committees for a non-profit. When I spoke, Fricasee thought I was talking to him and that he was obligated to respond. It made for some VERY interesting conference calls. Unfortunately, he escaped while we were on vacation and a neighbor was watching him. Long story.

Anyway, this is Rascal, who we lost to bone cancer last April. The best border collie in the world!

This is Cuddles (dreadful name for a border collie but she was named by a 10 year old girl). She was recovering from a little surgery in this picture and is my shadow these days:

And this is our rescued Shih Tzu, Lexie, in her Ladybug costume:


@belyndag: You just described my Jenday conure exactly. I also have him in my home office and I also am on several conference calls all day. He usually remains silent except when I'm on the phone. I thought it was because he didn't like me talking to someone else.


@cengland0: This was my Fricasee:

He appeared on our front porch after a storm. He wasn't banded and our attempts to find his owner were in vain, so he lived with us for several years until his escape during another storm. Beautiful bird, but not particularly friendly. If I ever get another bird, I'll be sure to get one that has been hand-raised. I played with a sun conure at PetCo a while back that just begged for attention and wanted a head rub. Now THAT was the kind of bird I would enjoy! (sigh) I do miss my little guy, though.


@belyndag: Your Jenday is beautiful and looks just like mine.

I had a bird show up in the garage one day. Was looking for something to eat and drink so I picked him up and he let me pet him and he ate out of my hand. It was a pigeon.

The bird was banded as well and I had a friend place several calls to find the owner. Apparently it was a registered racing pigeon so the owner asked me to release it and it will find it's way home. Here's a photo of the day I released it.

The owner called same night to let me know it arrived home safely. So I had a huge empty cage doing nothing and that's why I bought the Jenday. His name is Emerald due to the amount of green on his wings.


I don't have another pet but I wish we had another cat. If we did have another cat, I would call
him / her Cosmo. If we had a dog, I would call him / her Boomer. If we had a goldfish, I would call
him / her Goldie. If we had a bird, I would call him / her Squawk.