questionsdo you have a recommendation on solar lights?


If you have an ACE Hardware locally, ours had an ad for some nice looking lights, but I cannot seem to find an online link for you. (Sorry)
I have an extremely cheap set from our local "Family Dollar" that have lasted for years. They came with colored LED's which I liked, but can't seem to find anymore. All are white lights. One of the set finally bit the dust this summer. Don't know if I can replace the tiny red LED bulb or not.


@hot72chev: I'd bet you can. Some soldering will probably be needed though.


@hot72chev: Thanks for that. We do have an ACE nearby that I checked the other day, but the lights seemed pretty expensive and none popped out at me.

To anyone else, I'm okay with going to a store to buy. :)


I'd recommend that whatever solar lights you buy, make sure that the rechargeable batteries are user-accessible and are standard sized (usually AA). Otherwise, in a couple of years you'll be looking to buy more solar lights because the old ones are dead.

I bought some cheap ones on sale at K-Mart because I saw a web posting about the great sale (first time I'd been in a K-Mart in about 20 years). They came with two crappy Ni-Cad AA batteries in each light, which died in under a year. I replaced them with decent NiMHs, and then I replaced them again a few years later when they started to fade out shortly after dark. They still work great after something like eight years.


Thanks for your help so far, guys. Some lights have lumens on them. I saw some that were 3 lumens. Does anyone know how many lumens a good solar light should be?


Honestly, I have never found solar lights to be useful at all. They never are bright enough, it's hard to find units that look high quality and they they never look bright enough. Low voltage lighting is really easy to install, and is much much brighter than solar lighting and provides a security advantage to boot. Good luck!


Costco used to have has some very high quality Sunforce solar lights for about $30. They no longer carry them but you can get them for about $5 more here.

They are extremely bright and have a motion sensor setting as well as a dusk to dawn sensor.