questionshow often do you fully reformat your hard driveā€¦


That really depends.... My "main" computer has never been reformatted... this is my bill paying and menial crap computer.

Gaming Laptop: 3 to 6 months for system drive, RAID remains intact.
Gaming desktop: 3 to 6 months main drive, Raid/secondary game storage drive remains intact.
House brain/server: reformatting/repurposing in progress.
Music server: not reformatted in forever. probably not bother with it.


i do a full format on my main laptop about twice a year


9 years ago when I bought it.


Never. When my hard drive becomes old and filled with crap I just swap it out for a new one and turn the old one into an external drive and access its files when necessary.


On my desktop system I do a full format probably every year and a half to two years. On my laptop it runs about every year sometimes even twice a year. It seems my laptop gets more bogged down with crap that wants to hide itself than any other computer.


I really should do this more often, but I'm just too lazy to do it at all. My main computer just keeps running as is because I hate getting everything set up again the way it was, which was a pain when my first hard drive died this summer.

The only computer that ever really saw any regular reformats was my old Acer Aspire One netbook, but that was mostly because it became my test bay for trying out all the different flavors of Linux and XBMC for a while.


About the only time is when I'm upgrading/replacing the hard drive.

It's kind of like asking - how often do you rebuilt the alternator in your car? It's one of those things I feel in which "If it ain't broke ..."