questionsis woot! using gmt (greenwich mean time)? read on…


Now that you mention it, mine from yesterday ( Monday 30 July ) said Tuesday the 31st. I didn't even notice until you said something.
I am wondering if it is not because we ordered after the close of business (1700) so it would process the next day.
I draw this conclusion because yours says 850 pm, and mine was at about 730 pm (both after business hours end,)
That is my only thought on the matter.


my head hurts reading this question.....


woot runs on Zulu time. Note the time stamp on the comments, it has a Z at the end.


@theoneill555: Runs on Zulu but updates at Midnight CST? :D


The flux capacitor needs to be charged occasionally! I told them that months ago!


The email says tomorrow because that is actually when we send them.

The internet (being a series of tubes) is often clogged. Clogged pipes can delay emails for hours and that is just not acceptable.

We found the best way to ensure timely delivery of emails was to teleport them into the future before sending them. That way even if a internet tube was clogged, you'd still get the email before you expected it.

You are onto us.


For a while after shirt.woot gave us back the sales numbers, they were posted as GMT at CT midnight, but then flipped back to CT at 12:01, with a loss of "sales" at the flip-flop. @thegolux was the one who identified it as GMT and woot staffers fixed the issue - but that suggests that their servers may indeed be using GMT!


@joneholland: Now THAT explanation made MY head hurt. =P