questionscan anyone recommend a source for discontinued…


The tarts smell just like the candles, but they don't burn down. They require a heater, but in the long run, they're less expensive for the same smell.


This site has Witches' Brew in a medium jar. I only found the site through a Google search so I can't recommend it to you specifically.

eBay has several options, a few of which appear to be within a reasonable distance from Yankee Candle's original prices.

If you have Hallmark Stores that sell Yankee Candles in the area, check their clearance rack. I've found Yankee Candles on clearance in my local stores.

Have you tried the standard patchouli scent at your local Yankee Candle store? I can't find any information about the Witches' Brew scent other than it is patchouli based. It's possible Yankee Candle just dresses up patchouli for Halloween.

If none of these work for you and you don't want to wait until next Halloween, try Etsy. You are unlikely to find Yankee Candles, but you will find scent clones.


In case you are interested: I have tried SEVERAL sites in which you can find PRINTABLE & ONLINE and COUPON CODE coupons and deals, from clothing, to make-up, to tools... even groceries and free samples. This site is and it is my Holy Grail! I have already taken the liberty to check for Yankee Candle and there are MANY available for you :) However, if you are ever looking for grocery coupons in it's simplest form (the ones you would get in the Sunday paper, without the need to buy one, I would use and for easy browsing when you're not exactly sure what your looking for deals on before grocery shopping. I hope this helps!


if you have an outlet mall near you, or are driving by one at any time, there may be a yankee candle outlet store, I've found some great deals on gift sets and discontinued or seasonal scents


I would also check Amazon... you can find just about anything there and can get discounts on shipping and things like that. I actually just bought a Witch's Brew candle that I found on clearance offline that I listed for sale on Amazon. I think that scent is available from Yankee but only seasonally and they often sell out.


@lauramomof4: Thanks! I actually lucked out, walked into the local HomeGoods one day and they literally had a giant stack of witches brew at like 70% off retail, so I loaded up the cart with 'em. Gotta get while the gettin's good.