questionsdid anyone else get a free stein from bacardi?


Is it just me, or does it seem strange that Bacardi would give away steins - a vessel generally associated with beer?


@anotherhiggins: Could it be a temporary switch to confuse everyone? Or simple market expansion?

Barcardi rum = BB (Barcardi Beer)
PBR = PabstBlueRum


@anotherhiggins: That is exactly what I thought. The only reasoning I can come up with is that they mention drinking Oakheart and Coke out of a nice frosted glass. With these steins being a nice heavy glass they should hold up to freezer use.


Great! Now I can fill a stein with Bacardi instead of those tiny shot glasses!


@wootfast: I forgot about that internet rule. I will post a pic when I get home.


@anotherhiggins: I will just point out that good honest seaman know that grog is best served in mugs. A stein seems an appropriate size for grog.

Mmmmm, grog. I like grog; it's very tasty.

"And it's all for me grog me jolly, jolly grog. All for my beer and tobacco. Well, I spent all me tin with the ladies drinkin' gin. Far across the Western Ocean I must wander..."

I love that song. It's such a good time. BTW, any recipe for grog that has fruit juice in it is for delicate flowers that probably extend their pinky when sipping from their sippy cups.


First time I read it, I thought I read "any one got a free STAIN"... :p


Got mine. It's pretty nice for a free stein. Also got a free t-shirt from them a while back.


Does my toast have to win anything? Or does it just have to exist?


@drchops: just exist. You don't even need any votes on it to get a stein - it just has to be one of the first 5000 of the week.


@theoneill555: Awesome. I posted mine right earlier today, so hopefully I'm in. Unless there're a few thousand alcoholics loitering around Facebook at midnight to score a free stein that is.. (which is actually a pretty good possibility)

This is the gem that's gonna win me my stein:
"Let's - Get - Drunk"


@theoneill555: heh thanks...was there a lid with that thing?


@drchops: Nope. No lid - just a recipe card for Bacardi Oakheart and Coke and Bacardi Oakheart on the rocks. Both very difficult recipes to follow:

on the rocks
1 part Oakheart

*pour Oakheart over ice

Oakheart and Coke
1 part Oakheart
3 parts Coke

pour over ice in tall glass