questionswho's in for an abn random shirts?


The long sleeve t-shirt is on AA too, I think. Yay!


I just want one random 2x, 3x, and kid's 10. What's this new you must buy three crap?


@xarous: I think sales were down even on the randoms last time, so they have a lot to get rid of. It's 0.99 cheaper than usual for 3 ...

@questionsanswered: The long sleeves and unisex tank are AA.

Here are the respective manufacturers of the blanks the items are printed on:

Men's t-shirts - Anvil 980
Women's t-shirts - Anvil 880
AA blanks, mens - American Apparel 2001
AA blanks, women's - American Apparel 2102
Lightweight hoodie - Alternative Apparel 1970
Pullover hoodie - Gildan 18500
Zip up hoodie - Gildan 18600
V-neck - American Apparel 2456
Long sleeve - American Apparel 2007
Unisex tank - American Apparel 2408
Ladies tank - Anvil 325
Apron - Augusta Sportswear 2720
Tote bag - Liberty bags 8861


Thanks for asking this question...more than likely I would have missed it! In for the random (the new ones. yuk!) and the random blanks (the superior AA's). Bought the random's before (the yukky ones) @ $6.66 each. They're okay...thought I'd try again. Looking forward to the blank 'superiors'. ;-)


Ha! I'm half-amused that I called you to tell you about this, and while I was waiting for you to call me back because you wanted to eat dinner, you were posting about shirts on deals.woot!

I can't believe I'm surprised, but I am.


Really good deal. Its a shame I already have too many shirts (though I admit not enough Woot shirts). My wallet will probably thank me though xD


AA sale sold out already?

A sign? A message? A blip on the radar?

j5 j5

@xarous: They need more money, so they're forcing you to buy more. I used to buy one for myself and one for my wife. Can't do that now.


@neuropsychosocial: Heh ... well, I am a shirt nerd, right? I certainly miss back when buying an ABT of random shirts from shirt.woot was better than buying chocolate and roses. But I did buy some shirts from random places instead, so there's your early Valentine's day hint. ^_^

@bsmith1: Actually, they're getting less money ... it used to be $19.98 for 3 randoms.

@j5: A chaos of sellout vs. shirt last night. Here's an updated link:


I'm not buying nine shirts... but I did decide to try a zip-up hoodie.

That was an interesting glitch in the matrix last night, with Sellout and Shirt.Woot getting crossed up.


@narfcake: They're getting more money cuz I have to buy 6 shirts to get both sizes instead of 2.


I like buying in two different sizes too but I'm not ordering 6 shirts so I guess I'll just have to get all 3 MM this time. That's fine because when I get a WM I don't like no one will ever trade me for it. :)