questionswhat is/are your favorite old tshirt(s) and why?


I recently rediscovered a batch from my undergrad days -- UB40, Bowie's Serious Moonlight tour, Elvis C, B-52s, a really graphic, detailed lagnaf one, and a few others. Why? Fun times, as I recall...


I have an old t-shirt from a summer program that I was in a little more than 20 years ago. It's a very soft old t-shirt filled with memories.


I have a ton of t-shirts that I just can't seem to part with merely because of some small quirky memory attached with it. Yet again, one can never have too many t-shirts.


#1 ... , all-over print in the much rarer plum color. The last time I saw one in the more common green, it sold for over $60 on eBay. Guess who bought it ... ^_^
#2 ... circa 1993 Animaniacs cast, purchased January 11, 1994 in the now defunct WBSS in Brea, CA. I was wearing it the day the Northridge quake hit.
#3 through #30 or so ... other Animaniacs shirts.

Other favorites ... circa 1995 Freakazoid (employee schwag), circa 1996 Dexter's Lab and 1998 Powerpuff Girls (both also employee schwag), circa 2004 Foamy the Squirrel "fingers", an assortment of Woot shirts from the past 4 years ...

And of course, more Animaniacs shirts.


I have a Rolling Stones Steel Wheels concert t-shirt from 1989. First real concert I ever saw. It's barely still together and the fabric has worn thin, but it's still my favorite.


I have the exact same shirt as @mistamoose, saw the concert in Miami in '89 at the Orange Bowl. Then I have a bunch of Grateful Dead concert shirts from the early 90's I can't seem to part with.