questionsis someone trying to get rich on honey?


Doing a quick search it looks bogus to me.

The "article" is repeated on a number of questionable sites.


@mtm2: Press release stuff; gets printed as if it were real news, and may in fact be "sponsored" items.


They don't call it the "Daily Fail" for nothing. Don't take any "news" from that source very seriously.

But I heard GOB is making a killing in honey right now.


Real actual genuine honey is good for this stuff, so I don't see how a synthetic version is outrageous. Every medication is initially coming from an organic source anyway, whether that's a plant or animal or fungus or anything else.



@pulsetv: They don't allow you to have bees in here.


The Daily Mail is a tabloid a la The Enquirer. While they do have real news, it's mixed with sensationalist garbage that is designed to sell papers.

A search on that product brings up the exact same article on sites like Weekly World News. So, if you believe the Lizard Boy exists and aliens had a love child with Reagan, then go ahead and buy this "honey".