questionsanyone here a test engineer?


I'm not an engineer, but wouldn't we be more able to help you if we knew what kind of data you were going to collect?


Long wave UV (aka black light) to detect bacteria, defects in packaging (i.e. in glass you can see hairline cracks)


I've done software testing, not food plant testing. Have you seen the movie Food, Inc? Just wondering


I'm not technically a test engineer, but I've been involved in flight test of aircraft. I agree with @captainsuperdawg. It would be helpful to know what you're testing for, what questions you're trying to answering, what type of data you hope to collect and what type of results you're looking for.


Sorry been at work all day. I will have to check into the UV lights for bacteria. Mainly i am looking at a giant oven about 150 ft long, cookers and sorting systems to see if they are optimized and designing test to find the optimal settings. I am also looking at the process used to process to transport the raw product (vegetables) across the plant also. Mainly to make sure it doesn't oxidize or have any potential concerns. The oven is about 230 F and i have been wanting to use data loggers to analyze the moisture and air speeds inside but all the data loggers i have seen fail at 185 F unless they are dedicated to solely temperature analysis. I know the woot community is a diversified background and figure i couldn't hurt to ask you all also. I think i have all the equipment i need for testing, but i appreciate all the ideas, like the UV lights i will have to check into those. Thanks again.


@w00tgurl: No I haven't. Is it any good or worth watching?


@icemanforlife: oops, I got the movie wrong, it's called Fast Food Nation. it's interesting, I don't know how to describe it really. The Wikipedia says it's nonfiction but the movie follows a guy on a fictional storyline. Here's the entry
I haven't seen Food Inc. Anyway I just thought of that when you said food tester. In the movie the main character visits the food plant to see where food is being contaminated


@w00tgurl: I will have to watch it sometime. Ty