questionsis it possible to adjust the tension of car…


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The blades can take a "set" because they stop on the return pass. There's more pressure on "up" than on the "down" pass.
Your wiper arm could be bent or tweaked. Thereby being more effective one way than another.
Your wiper blade could just suck. Maybe you bought another blade that sucks. The passenger side works OK? Trade wiper arms, and see what happens.
Clean the windshield really really good, and see what happens. The blades do a good job on water, notso good on oil, dirt, bug guts, etc. And clean the blade, too.


I've found that wiping the blades down real good once in awhile helps get some of the dirt and general road grim off them and that helps.


I hope you find a good answer to this because my Sebring is the same way. I change out those blades probably twice a year and the new ones will do the same thing. I've decided that it's the shape of the windshield or something. I'm starting to clean it regularly with a rain-x cleaner so I don't have to use my wipers as much.


If you could go back to 1987, you could grab some triple wiper wings off the windshield of almost any lowered mini-pickup. They really didn't work, but man, did they look cool!


Have you tried investing in a new wiper arm? Sometimes they lose their tension. Especially if you live in an area prone to winter weather.

*Sorry, I missed the very first answer that offered the same advice.