questionsis there a list of tags that will kill a deal?


For posterity: tags: countdown-until-tags-are-changed

I think "Free" is as heavily weighted-- at least it appears that way. I wonder if listing things as "No Cost To You" might work for awhile?
I'm glad the lingerie-thumbnails-will-corrupt crowd has dropped down to the single digits. No one seemed to have a problem with summer bikini deals, but good golly, did they get all wound up when there were bra & panty sets being offered. Same amount of skin, same amount of coverage, quadruple the outrage.


I posted a deal yesterday that was tagged by mods as free & was no longer viewable from top.
I thought it was a glitch til I saw this question. They must be making some more changes.


@lavikinga: It's not just that it's weighted, if your deal has a tag the mods don't like the deal will not be allowed to appear on the Top tab...ever. It can still go Popular but I think people check the Top tab more regularly since it's inception.


Man, this is discouraging. Seriously.

@ohcheri, I truly apologize, even though there is not one single thing I can personally do about it. Things continue to change, apace. So it goes.


So, to get the true results when looking at the top tab, should one view by current rank or popular flow? I actually go straight to Fresh to do any of my viewing & voting and pay no attention to what's on the front page. By looking at my stats, I'm doing it wrong, but I'm happy enough with my rep.


@lavikinga: I'm not sure about "true results" but I can tell you that this deal:

was on the first page of Top with the tags "women" and "clothing". Suddenly the tag "lingerie" was added and it disappeared from the Top page. I tattled because this corset is not lingerie, the tag was removed and now it's back on the Top page.

Censorship is bad enough but if the mods are going to call something lingerie they should at least make an effort to determine if the deal is underwear or outerwear :-)


Oh yeah, I could come up with a huge list of tags that wouldn't be allowed. :) It sounds to me like you have a mod that doesn't agree with your deals. I hope y'all work it out. :)


@jsimsace: I doubt the mods are responsible for the change in WOOT's algorithm/technology. This is a command from the powers-that-be to the programmers.


@ohcheri: I think it's possible the mod automatically equated corset top with corset. Once that assumption was made, it was an easy leap to think "Oh, I need to change the tag to lingerie."
Yes, I'm giving the mod an easy out here, but it that's what happened, then the signs do indeed point to weighted tags handicapping particular deals. I don't know if we lay the blame at the feet of a rogue mod, or the rule book I'll bet they're being beaten lightly with every day.


@ohcheri: "Censorship is bad enough but if the mods are going to call something lingerie they should at least make an effort to determine if the deal is underwear or outerwear :-)"

I find it sad and disconcerting that polite comments and legitimate deals are being removed, especially ones with several differing viewpoints, never mind tags being changed. If that's not censorship I don't know what is. I personally and perhaps I'm looking into it too deeply, see things going very wonky for want of a better phrase,the past week or so.


@xdavex: On wine.woot, we jokingly call the different phrase you're asking for, "The Troubles." :P


Sometimes I wonder if the products you are struggling to describe fit into the asked-for PG-13 environment. Has anyone reviewed recently what PG-13 is meant to include and exclude? The reference is to the MPAA ratings for motion pictures. The address of the official definition by MPAA is this:

If you decide you would desperately like to include your items anyway, take a tip from the department stores. The words are "sleepwear" "loungewear" "intimates" and "undergarments".

Best of luck :)


@srfoolishbuyer: Per your link, a PG-13 rating allows for "brief nudity" as long as it is not of a sexual nature... NONE of the @ohcheri links have any nudity, sexual or otherwise!

I see more skin on network TV than I have ever seen in a link that @ohcheri has posted.


I really think deals woot has gone down hill. I used to come here and vote on deals multiple times a day. The over moderation has driven me away though. This site supposed to be community sources and community driven. Who cares if a minority are offended by lingerie deals. Lingerie is pg-13, bikini and lingerie appear in many, many pg13 movies. If the majority of boot users liked them, they should be visible, this a user driven site. I personally the meme deals annoying as they make it harder to find the real deals, and I'm sure not only one that feels that way, But i don't think the mods should remove them because a few of us don't like them.


@kylemittskus: My first thought was 'gone to hell' but there may be non-believers. :)


@srfoolishbuyer: I'm not sure why you feel this audience is PG-13? The WOOT terms of service require all who enter here to be over 18:


The Sites are intended for use by persons who are at least 18 years old, or the legal age required to form a binding contract in your jurisdiction if that age is greater than 18. By using the Sites, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old and of legal age to form a binding contract. If you are under 18, you may use the Sites only with the permission and involvement of a parent or guardian.

Also, it doesn't matter what tags I (or anyone else) uses for the deal, the mods change them.


I wanted to express my agreement that all legitimate deals (or memes) should be treated equally and fairly.


@jimeezlady: I actually interpreted a general question, and answered in a general way. I did not look at any links to decide any thing about any of them. The question was raised about words. Some words make differences, and that is the question that was raised. Are there words that are more pleasant than others, more appealing, and therefore more presentable than others, when presenting a deal, words that would enhance the prominence of the deal.

Someplace (I'm not turning into a scholar over this) some woot-sourced, not community-sourced comment in a guideline someplace said something like like, that the general guide would be that of pg13. A guide. In questions about words, this is a valid guide. It is a guide that can be worked with. Sure I have my opinions, but in general the only thing I ever see that may make a difference is in the choice of words.

Don't be so bothered if I tried to answer the question. Was the question rhetorical?


@ohcheri: Please see the comment I made just a moment ago. The question was about words. The answer was about words. I did not review your listings. I wish you success.


I just want to say in general that I think that as a guideline, pg13 is valid even though the participants are not meant to be under 18. This is an open community that any person online can see at any time. This includes children at school, in the libraries, at their friends' houses, and in their own homes on their computers or on their phones. They can't register, but they can see. But most of them are over 13. pg13 is about kids who are under 13. You might wonder, when would they ever see deals.woot? The same way, depending upon the behavior that they engage in. Depending on the parameters of their disciplines. Depending on who has older siblings, older cousins, older friends, and parents or aunts or friends of the families who look at these things and talk about them in the presence of the child. Some could even have a five year old sit on their lap as they surf and shop.


@srfoolishbuyer: Your phrase "struggling to describe" and "desperately like to include my deals" implies judgement against the products I sell. I have no "struggle" to describe my products, I've been describing them for 5 years. I am not "desperate" to have my deals included on this site. I'm asking for some clarification on yet another unspoken rule change.

My question was not rhetorical, it is clear that WOOT suddenly (within the last 2-3 days) has certain tags they apply to deliberately prevent a deal from appearing on the Top tab. As noted, 'lingerie' is one tag and it seems 'free' is another.

Even if I used sleepwear or any of the other euphemisms you suggested tags can be changed/deleted by WOOT staff.


@ohcheri: No, in terms of my opinion, I do not know your listings. Not even now as I write this am I going to look at them. I'm a senior citizen (by some definitions) and rather dramaticizing poet. I think I'd probably best not answer any more questions. Have a very good day.


Censorship sucks! I've purchased and enjoyed deals from I wonder if deals.woot's traffic has risen or fallen noticeably since "lingerie" was deep-sixed.