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My dad just talked about this today at dinner, and I agree. There are reviews for products and reviews for service. I ordered a data stick or whatever you call them using 2 day prime shipping. got my item a week later because it shipped a little later than expected and sat at a post office for 3 days. But there is nothing wrong with the product so I wouldn't take stars away for it. It makes it harder for those of us who actually use reviews to help guide us to better products. It especially sucks when people take stars away for shipping or something, but don't state the reason because then it REALLY makes the product look bad. :(


Show the example! Show the example!


Whew - I thought this was going to be about the Woot product write-ups.


Even worse are the ones from people that admit to never using or buying the product, they are just p1ssed at the brand or seller.


I think part of it is force of habit, just from leaving feedback on transactions on eBay. There, you're really reviewing the seller rather than the product. I agree that people end up messing with a product's rating on Amazon by adjusting downward for slow delivery, etc. I love finding Amazon reviews that are funny & intelligent, and I find quite a few. I'll do anything for a cheap laugh.


Amazon 3rd party seller reviews are the same way. If you read enough of the seller reviews you will see people tend to review the product there rather than the seller. I'm fine with people stating the condition, but I don't need a review of the book/movie/etc.

Other things that piss me off:
The shipping is too high and they wouldn't have purchased if it was so high. You see the shipping fee before the confirm order page.
People complaining they are paying shipping fees when they are Prime members. Prime does not work on most Amazon 3rd party sellers.
People wanting 3rd party sellers to price-match others after several days/weeks.


I disagree on on shipping fees from Amazon Marketplace (and other) sellers. That is one of the things that I want to know about a merchant, especially if their shipping fees are unreasonably high. What is the point of seeing (for example) a BluRay at $17.99, only to discover (during the checkout process) that the seller charges $15 shipping and handling, and another $2 processing fee? There are many, many deals posted here on DW that turn out to be not deals at all because the shipping fees are too high compared to the size and value of the original product.


@wilfbrim: Referring to Amazon specifically, but from the used/new page you can see the seller shipping fees. There is no reason to actually order the product if you are not happy with the shipping fee. I see this all the time on Amazon seller reviews. In order to leave a seller review you have to order the product.


I've found some systematic attacks on certain companies across all reviews, facebook posting, twitter, and blogs. If the company is not Politically Correct on the right topic, the teams hit them on the internet. It is just another form of (fill in the blank). I accept it for what it is, ignore it, and move on. Logic and reason should prevail against emotional reactions, but it is becoming less common.

Like it on facebook, follow it on twitter, blog about it , and register on their website. Sheep get fleeced and pigs get slaughtered.

end rant


Nice rant. I couldn't agree more. Sadly, it seems that our country is dumbing down. :(


All the more reason for people with sense to leave reviews (especially positive ones).
I know a lot of people also only leave ratings if something is defective in the product, they can't figure out how to use it correctly, or they bought something they didn't mean to. In that case it also pushes the reviews to the lower end of reality because happy customers are probably less likely to review (imo).

I personally go look at the 1 and 2 and 5 star reviews on amazon if I am interested in the product at all and get annoyed sifting through all the useless reviews. Seeing how many people a review was helpful to is a nice feature to filter out useless ones.

So on that note... To all people with common sense : Please review products even if it is exactly what you expected and there is nothing to write about other than that fact. Also, when looking at reviews rate them as to help those coming after you.

I guess some people are still learning how to use the internet....


If the product is from a 3rd party distributor, I'd think that including pertinent information about the condition the product arrived in, shipping speed/cost, and customer service of the seller is absolutely reasonable. Giving one star because it took a few weeks to ship is ridiculous - but worth mentioning, for example.