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Just out of curiosity, did you have any other questions that were not already answered during the first time it was posted? What I mean is some specific detail that wasn't mentioned that you would like to know.


@cengland0: I guess I am trying to evaluate whether it is worth doing an "Estate Sale" vs. yard-saling the generic stuff & getting specific on selling larger items; the time trade-off favors an Estate Sale. More information is best & I'll need to make a decision soon. Obviously, this is related to my piano question from a few days ago.


@rlapid2112: In my situation, I had a whole houseful of goods to unload. I used a blend of many options. Listed in order of events:

First, my family came and picked up anything they wanted.

Second, I sold some items to friends that I knew would be interested in those items.

Third, I had a couple garage sales. I couldn't do this myself because my time was limited so my neighbor coordinated it for me and set all the prices. Her payment for all that work was she got to pick any items she wanted for herself without any cost to her.

Fourth, it was published in the paper as an estate sale and my neighbor sold the majority of the items left.

Fifth, expensive items that did not sell were removed from the home and sold on craigslist.

Sixth, any remaining items were donated to charity. I believe it was goodwill or salvation army. They even brought a truck to haul everything away.

Seventh, there were a couple items (like glass mirrors) charity refused. They were thrown away.


@cengland0: Thanks for the advice. The order of events is most helpful!


National Estate Sales Listings
You can sign up at this site to get notifications of estate sales near you and/or browse estates sales near where you live.
You can then check out who is running them, how they are listed, etc.... Maybe go and check one or two out to see how they are run/who is running them. Depending on where you live, you might be able to compare sellers and possibly even talk to the estate owners to see if they are happy with the service. A little reconnaissance might give you a better idea of what your market is like in your area, and how things work, etc...


@ceagee: Thanks, that's seems to be a great resource, used as you just dictated!


I use this site . I used to buy a lot of stuff at auctions/estate sales then turn around and ebay it. I am not doing that now, but I plan on doing it again as soon as the overtime at work disappears. You can also use it to find the busiest auctioneers in your area. In my area the busiest ones tend to be the best ones, and the crappy ones tend to do an auction/estate sale about once a month or so.