questionssuggestions for a fairly inexpensive food warmer…


just leave your food out in the sun.


Unless you are going to be serving food to alot of people often, I would suggest the aluminum type. The trays are disposable for easy cleanup, they make cheap stands to hold them over the warming fuel.


@discountlingeriedeals: You don't say what the intended long term use is, and you also don't mention a price range. Are you planning on a catering business, or helping out with one? The needs there (nearly constant use) would be far different than if you are just planning on doing a lot of entertaining for the next while.

Steam heat is (of course) the most effective, and those dishes are often found used, when catering businesses fail, or replace their older equipment. I have chafing dishes, but I'm quite sure those are not the kind you mean (I never use them; they're just part of a larger set of dishes).

Amazon has a huge selection, from tacky to overkill. Please narrow the field, by suggesting a few of these as to type, and price.


I like this one (but know NOTHING about this site, or the product, other than it looks like what it is I think you want).


@shrdlu: It is for an outside wedding reception. I was thinking something like this:

or this:

Those prices are great - I hadn't seen one under $60 that looked decent but these seem to look good. I do not recognize the brand - but guess I wouldn't because I am not a caterer. I just do not want anything to fail during the reception and I want to be able to use them for when family is over (my side is Italian, so we have a big family). Looks like that webstaurantstore has good reviews on the product. Thanks a lot :) - you always have answers!


@discountlingeriedeals: You should be fine with either of those choices. The stainless steel is better because there's no potential for interaction with tomato-based sauces or other items in lesser metals. The restaurant supply is cheaper because that's all they do, I suspect. I don't see any bad reviews online (but I didn't look very hard). That Amazon one is also an excellent choice. I'd buy the fuel locally (if you can), since you may want the ability to return extras if possible. Remember to save all the packaging the chafing dishes come in, so that you can just store them away for the next time.

I love weddings; such a joyous time for everyone. Celebrations of life are a good thing.


@shrdlu: I think I am going to go with the amazon one because it is less expensive when you calculate in shipping.Thanks again, I think these will work great. Also, the recommendation for purchasing the fuel locally is a good idea because I usually always tend to buy more than is needed - better safe than sorry!