questionswhy don't they just call it "slightly better…


Thank you, for the first hearty laugh of the morning.
If I could be so bold, if this is your marketing slogan, you may not have a future in marketing. Humor... perhaps.


The watering-down of the term "Black Friday" will eventually be it's demise. I hope.


@skepticaljohn: how about "only marked up 102% pre-holiday discounts?" Or, "The Ultimate Fighter, Walmart edition?"Any better?


I bought most of my Black Friday deals the week before, and have now bought all my Cyber Monday deals already...Cyber Monday came about when a lot of people would start online shopping on their first day at work after the holiday on their employer's internet you can be buying all this stuff on your phone, so it's become an irrelevance.
As for the BF deals getting earlier, there have been a few ads for Black November....we're wooters, we're looking for deals yearlong anyway


Well Woot had already claimed Cash Grab so they had to keep the name the same this year.

I do agree though with all of these "super specials and deals" that consumers will get tired sooner and figure if they miss one sale, it will be back next week. Stores are really just shooting themselves in the foot and creating an image that they will find it hard to recover from.


@rayray8822: I hope you are right, but I have my doubts.....


Cyber Monday was great the first year the deals were amazing. Every year after that it however has becoming continuously degrading in terms of deals. Now it seems online retailers have gotten so comfortable with the idea that the shoppers will come
that they don't even try anymore. It's the exact same as what Black Friday has been for a long time.