questionswhat is the benefit of the leaderboard on here???


It encourages participation. The leaderboard (and entire reputation system) gives users something to strive for, rewarding behaviors that help the site. It also has that helpful personal dashboard that gives you specific ways to improve your own reputation while also improving the site.

Plus, if you're in the top 15, Woot flies you out to HQ for the quarterly ice cream social.


@chris12345: First rule of the leaderboard-you don't talk about the leaderboard.


It always gives me something to downvote when people ask a question about it. That benefit is kind of subjective, though :-)


@michael1211 Ummm, we really aren't supposed to talk about it openly. BUT, the 1st 15 get copious gifts & BOCs from....

:-X Nevermind. I'm in trouble now. And a target. Help me.......................


Bragging rights?
Honestly there is no benefit that I have seen.


To borrow from sports..SCOREBOARD.


I don't need the leaderboard as long as I have my black triangle and black box because that means I'm better than everyone else and that's all that matters. (^_^)


@bsmith1: I thought the same thing until I read your post......shucks....


It allows you to compare your self-worth to the rest of the minions. If you have the , then you're better than anyone else.


The weekly Wednesday night meetings are always fun (which I always forget to attend because I half the time I can't remember which day of the week it is).