questionsdo you feel that some mods discriminate against…


Do I think mods sit there and wait for you to post a deal so they can change your tags to something more searchable? No.

Do I think the occasional humorous tag may be left for LOL's, yes.

Do I think that it is feasible that they noticed that you seem to post only kindle books, and decided to clean them up at the same time? Yes, they also do it for expiring deals, because I have tattled on a person who had every deal expired. I have had my tags changed regularly, and I try to use the ones that they were changed to for the next time to make it easier for the mods.

It could also be that you specifically mentioned your tags 2 weeks ago in this question, and should know to tag your deals with books and ebooks instead of kindle.


Welcome to the list of NOT LIKED WOOTERS

But seriously, as petty as we are I think tags are like the 5th place we would wage woot warfare. Having said that - I removed part of your tag.


I don't think I have ever actually entered in a tag, the mods usually enter the appropriate ones for me.


I mean...seriously?!

You are kidding...right?!


I don't care so much about their tag changes...I deserve it most of the time as I try to incorporate my cynical humor into my tags. :3

But now I sometimes get that sense of someone looking over my shoulder. :P What I don't like are the deal deletions that have absolutely no justification for being deleted.


Yes, but not about deals. I had a comment removed from a question. The question was posted by a staffer and was not inappropriate nor pointed at them, they just decided they didn't like it.

Other than that, I've not experienced anything like what's described.


Happens all of the time... Both in Deals and questions... Best one was probably changing the tags on a question about a specific hurricane and it's target zone to "Weather"...
I now also copy my tags to the body of the post...

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@gatzby: So which do you like, and which do you dislike????
Blondes? Brunettes?? Or Red Heads???


When we all dreaded the chat tag I paid attention. Now I do not care what my tags are. I strongly believe my tags were edited when they should have not been as I already went down this road it was empty and boring. You can search my answers, I have examples.


Please disregard the examples since the posts have now been changed.


@lichme: The only reason I started adding the tag kindle is because one of the mods hard been adding it to my tags a week ago. So I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I'm not to blame for this mess of contradictory mismanagement.




@gatzby: lol I knew that I got your picture right


@gatzby: As a monk, I'm offended by your remark. Well, not really a monk, but my personal life would qualify me for one. :)


At the risk of incurring the wrath of the mods, for whom I have the utmost respect as a forum owner/long-term mod myself (please don't pelt me w/ rotten tomatoes for my POV), I'd like to speak up on behalf of @jylissia. I don't know her, and I also know that this is hardly the most pressing issue facing the mods, but I think she has a valid point, on more than one level.

What I do know is that I like and look for her deals every day...HERE. Most (essentially all) of the ebooks she posts are free for ONE day only. She waits until they are free before posting them, and seems to expire them promptly. I could go to myself and wade thru their list of 100's of those books myself, but that takes a lot of my I value her posts greatly.

(to be cont'd)


Not only does she weed through and narrow that long list down to a small handful of actually good/interesting ones and weed out the bad, she posts a nice asst of types to appeal to varying tastes, PLUS includes a short synopsis and rating from the site (unlike others who who post only the title, with no information.) That saves me a lot of time from having to click through to the actual deal to see if it's something I'd want or not. (Supposed to be a benefit of coming here, yes?)

What also saves me time and enhances it as a deal is having tags to indicate: FREE, book, Kindle, and genre (or subject matter, such as "cookbook," etc.) I have a Kindle app. That's what I'm interested in finding when I matter who the deal poster happens to be.

(to be cont'd)


I do not want to have to scroll thru a LONG list of deals tagged only "ebook" just to find and pick out the ones I want to DL w/o having to DL another/different reader app (which I do not want). I also want to be able to search for specific genres/subject matter....and not have to go thru the whole list, for the same reason.

I think I have a decent understanding of SEO, and do not understand why this would present a problem. On the contrary (unless my SEO understanding is just flat-out wrong), it would enhance it. If I am indeed wrong about that, maybe someone would be so kind as to point me to a better understanding.

(to be cont'd)


But back to jylissia and in her defense, she posted a VERY specific question 15 days ago ASKING if there was a better way to post her deals. She got exactly 3 replies....not one of which was from a mod or staff member. So, the next day, she posted again, asking it in a different way. Got several replies that time, but still didn't get what I would consider to be a straightforward, no-nonsense, "here is the written rule about that" answer.

I think she is a valuable member of the community, and deserves such....rather than getting (what looks to me, at least) to be the run-around. That may not be anyone's intent (and I really doubt that it is), but that's what it looks like from the perspective of a (relative) newbie over here. shrug

Okay....that's it. Sorry for the long/mult. posts, but I had something I wanted to say.
Thanks for reading, if you chose to.

Ducks from the flying rotten tomatoes


UH OH! @reginafilangee is going against the group mentality!



@iggz: Bring it on, LOL. It takes a LOT to shame me. =p

But I'm also a good sport, and a team-player. :-)


as a moderator of another site with 20,000+ members, I will tell you that I know for a fact that moderators are human, and will have their biases, either intentional or subconscious.


@kamikazeken: I would certainly agree with that, and have seen it more times than I'd like, also on much larger community sites than this. I generally "fire" those mods, however....even if they're volunteer-status. Being human is fine and even expected (I readily admit that I've certainly made plenty of human-mistakes in my many years)....but being blatantly unfair and/or consistently inconsistent is not. JMHO.

P.S. I'm not a stalker or anything (promise!), but suspect I "know" you....although you wouldn't likely remember me. Do the initials "TPV" mean anything to you? ;-)
(I knew DH fairly well before her passing. Still saddens me.)


@iggz: No idea who you mean. ??? Those initials are for a totally different community site, and a much-loved (now deceased) long-term mod at that site.