questionswhere are good quality shelves at not crazy…


I needed some custom wood shelving a while back and went to a local unfinished furniture place (am in NY City and went to Gothic Cabinet, a chain in the city and possibly a larger area).

I got exactly what I wanted, very well made, and reasonably priced as well.


You could go to Lowe's and buy some 3/4 finished Hardwood Plywood -- Have them cut it into pieces at the size you specify (it says it costs $.25/cut, but they've never charged me), then put it together yourself. Just be sure you get some heavy duty screws and paint/stain it before you put it together (it's much easier, trust me). There are several simple plans online here:

You shouldn't need too many tools to build it. Then you'll have a solid wood book case for about $100.00. You can't get them for under $300-400 at a furniture store


If possible, see if you can find some office liquidation auctions in your area. You can often find decent furniture at a fraction of retail cost.


Do some searching on Craigslist or other local want-ads.


The closing Borders stores.


Call me crazy, but I have outfitted my home office with Ikea Billy bookcases and I'm extremely happy with the build quality.

I don't have any sagging shelves despite loading them down with some pretty hefty tomes, and no veneer peeling whatsoever. I'd say I got a good value for what I paid.

One thing for you to look for as you make your own decision - a 5' wide X 2' deep wooden shelf is going to need center supports to avoid sagging.