questionshave you seen the purple?!?


FRESH CAKE. Missed it last time. You?


AA purple!!!! Hooray! I'm in for a Nyan's Dream and Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party!


Is it safe to say that both of our wallets are hurting?

A HUGE thanks to @tgentry and all the the participating artists for making this happen.


@narfcake: How many 'first wooter to woot" did you get? Welcome back! ;)


I'm so excited! I've already bought Fresh Cake Remix and Playful Foxes Remix. I'm trying to decide if I can swing Nyan's Dream Remix, Nightlife Remix, and Balance. I like Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party, but I'm not sure how much wear it would get. Several of them I really like, but I'm wavering because I'm not sure how they'll look design placement wise on me.


The first thing I saw was -

First Sucker:

and I had to smile

Narf any room left in your shirt closet? Your picture showed that it was pretty packed already.


Some good designs! I particularly like the Nyan one :3


@ichigodiafuku: The only reason it took 39 seconds was because I had to do select the sizes on all three drop-downs!

As for the closet, the stacks on the shelves were pulled forward for the picture Besides, there's always the t-shirt bunker ... and the freezer ...


>A HUGE thanks to @tgentry and all the the participating artists for making this happen...

I second this, I don't really wear purple but I'm tempted to buy a few as gifts (and maybe just one for me) based on the principle alone of woot using AA again. Hope to see more like this in the future


I bought Nyan's Dream and Fresh Cake last night. Hoping to be able to pick up Nightlife and Home Sweet Home before it's over. If I can swing those 2, then my sights are on Totally Awesome Deer. Need to find a way to scrape up some extra funds. My next payday is not till the first of the month.