questionshave you seen amazon's kindle freetime unlimited?


Wait.. they CHARGE for that feature? Disappointing, Amazon.


Did the marketing department have any input in on this one? I'd be hard pressed to call something "Free"Time that charges a monthly fee


Its a better deal than it looked on the surface. Top tier books, shows and games for one monthly price. Here is the breakdown of how many of each are included:

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

Sesame Street (33)
PBS Kids (42)
Nickelodeon (213)
Disney (111)
Houghton Mifflin (50)
Kindle Books (1,027)
Amazon Instant Video (329)
Android Apps (158)


@br0seidon: It's a subscription service. Think of it like Netflix. Amazon charges a monthly fee to access certain kid-friendly books, games, movies and apps. Makes perfect sense.

This is different from the FreeTime app that was already on the Kindle Fire. That allows parents to limit a kid's time on the tablet, and limit what they can do (web access, read certain books, use certain apps, etc.). That's still free.

For this it makes sense to charge since they actually provide content. Not for everyone, but it's an interesting idea. Annoying they called it "FreeTime Unlimited" though, when that clearly will cause confusion with the FreeTime already out there (even though their plans are to integrate them).


They are trying to compete with Barnes and Noble. Amazon lacks any kind of decent childs selection so they know they need to try and edge. BN introduced profiles when they launched their HD and HD+ devices. Amazon is just trying to copy that since they don't have an on device mechanism for it. Barnes andNobles doesn't charge.


@agent019: I'm totally oblivious to Nook offerings so help me out here. What does B&N offer for a children's solution that competes with the FreeTime offering? I found quite a bit on the kids section but it all had prices. Point me in the right direction!

I also found the Nabi device - . This looks promising... anyone with feedback on it?


@br0seidon: Why is it disappointing? Why should Amazon give you stuff for free?


I was upset that it cost $2.99 a month but once I saw what it included it's a bargain. I would be spending way more in books, movies & aps each month. This keeps them replenished at no additional charge based on the childs preferences & age. Also no accidental purchases. It is password protected so the child can't get out of it. Also you can log into it from other units & set up multiple children.