questionshow would you like your dog to drive you around?


Everything would be fine, until he sees a squirrel.


You know how some dogs chase automobiles? Yeah ... don't be surprised if all they end up doing donuts all the time, much like they're chasing their own tail.

FWIW, my dog once mistook a kid in a Power Wheels for a big squirrel. It's not always easy trying to keep a 105# doggie calm in such scenarios.


I wouldn't trust the son/daughter of a bitch. <------------------(This is dog terminology). I didn't make it up. I am very sorry that I felt compelled to mention that, but if I really felt bad I wouldn't have done it, right?


It's interesting, but I don't know that I'd really call acting on simple commands proof of intelligence. Nice gimmick if it gets more dogs adopted though.


In my case, it would have to be a cat. And I think we've all seen how that would work out.


Joke #1 & 2: Dogs would probably tailgate all the time.
Joke #3 & 4: They would treat the car pretty rough.
Joke #5: Dogs would sideswipe other cars because of a misunderstanding.

That is all.

Interesting article though.


I don't think I will want to teach my dogs to drive. Every time I take them for a ride in the car I can see that look in their faces: "So many fire hydrants, so little time."


Meh. Starbuck the WonderPom is too interested in what is going on outside. Or more interested in sleeping on dad's lap than driving. He's good with being the passenger.


No good will come of this!