questionsdo you set a woot-off budget for yourself?


My budget is basically whatever is left over in my paycheck after paying the bills. Sometimes it'll be $50, others it's up to $150. The problem is, I never know how much I'll actually have, but it's part of the fun!

Can't wait to see if there are some goodies I can't live without, and hope I have enough for them!


usually $8 ($3 + shipping)

unless there's something else i see that i need


No, my wife does and I usually blow right through it. Blame it on the ADD.


$20-$30 or so. I'm usually not a big-ticket Wooter.


I don't buy things just for the sake of buying them, so no. If Woot offers something that I can actually use and afford, I get it. If not, it stays for someone else to buy.

Why spend $800 on a fancy coffee maker when I don't even drink coffee? I can think of a ton of other, more useful things to spend $800 on.


If I see something that I want/need I buy it. I just usually don't see anything that I want/need. Woot-offs have become pretty repetitive in the last several months.