questionshave you or anyone you know bought any "fake…


I haven't bought any fake books but I've visited many fake websites because I didn't spell it correctly. This practice is called typosquatting.



No, I pretty much only "buy" ebooks from Amazon on days they're offered for free (found through watching for them to be posted here of deals.woot by @jylissia, @meems212, and a couple of others who post them regularly.) Of the more than 500 ebooks on my Kindle app, I've paid for probably less than 2 dozen....and all of them either $0.99 or $1.99.


@reginafilangee: I used to have that problem with hotel(s).com. Evidently they bought the other domain, because now even when I type it in wrong I get the right website.


I don't have a kindle so I haven't dipped my toes in that market yet. But my tablet has an app that's supposed to let me read kindle books (can't remember which one it is) and I have just started a book series on paper and am thinking about getting the kindle version of the authors companion series to take on vacation. I like paper books, but these are in trade paperback and hardback sized, which is great for reading but too big for traveling. Someone here on D.W clued me in to for paper books and I've found stuff I wanted at great prices at that site. I found some pretty obscure out-of-print books for my friends on there as well.


Not yet. But, thanks to your warning, I have a head's-up that I hope will help me avoid it in the future. I've also spread the Tom's Guide link to my FB friends.

Thanks a lot!


Am I the only one who thought you meant actual fake books, i.e. lead sheets, for music?


@cengland0: I regularly visit This is particularly funny because the tag inside woot shirts notes that the shirts "are not for use as pants."


No, I only do like @reginafilangee does except mine have all been free so far.