questionscan anyone offer advice on sound bars ?


Don't worry if they say for 37" and up. I'm sure it will work fine for you and your 32" TV. The only 'issue' might be the sound bar could be a little longer than your TV and 'might' look strange. I would have ordered a Pinnacle 2.1 set myself recently but since woot does not offer returns, usually, I ordered a Vizio 2.1 set from Amazon. (the 38" one)


Thank you for your response.

I measured the chest it is on -- 32. Can I hang this from the wall ok ? It would probably be ok a couple inches off the side too.
There is the Vizo now that is 42. I think overkill for me ? Would definitely have to be hung. Is this the one you got ?
Besides the wall there are extra speakers to find a place for.
I like some of the features of this one. The bluetootth, I could use if for my music too. crud.
Oh I've been looking at my set up LOL. .


@ceagee: Here is the link to the one I bought. I am pleased with the sound and features. Plenty loud enough for a big bedroom or most living rooms. If you get a sound bar that has a separate subwoofer, take some time placing it in different areas as the sound will vary greatly.


@jbraunonline: Thanks for your response !

I ended up getting this Boston Acoustic it was $99.99
It's a refurb, but looks brand new. Came w/ year warranty : )
Decent reviews on Amazon. They have new ones going for $245 and same warranty as the refurb., so I think I got a good deal.

It's all hooked up (just got it last week} and sounds great. It's got way more umph than I need for where it's at. But, it is the perfect size. Fits on the chest in front of the TV w/ no overhang.y : ) Thanks for the tip on moving the sub around. It's wireless so should be easy enough.
I haven't programed it into my main remote yet. That along w/ watching a good action flick to give it a full work out.

The Vizio you have, was one I looked at a long time when it was on Woot. The size stopped me. I'm glad yours is working out for you. Enjoy !


@ceagee: I usually hear good things about Boston Acoustics and I also came close to buying that when I saw it for $99 too. I don't know what the real 'break in time' is for these type of speakers. I have heard with some ear buds it should be 40 hours.
I would suggest listening to music, either music channels or from an aux port, in addition to watching TV. Make sure you do turn it up a bit once in a while to work them speakers out. Plus, if its going to break, you want it to happen within the warranty period.


@jbraunonline: Good tip ! Thanks.
I went on a bit of a spree and also got a Panasonic bluetooth speaker for my computer and music devices . IT's wonderful
So that one I've been cranking.

I guess I will go on a movie spree and I can turn on the music cable channels -- the one thing about the Boston is no bluetooth for music. Have to plug it in somewhere in the back...... so I'll stick w/ the cable tunes there. Different rooms so it's all good !


I went threw about eight diffrent sound bars.The one I picked was the 40" Vizio 2.1 with a wireless sub the sound is great the others just didn't have the right sound.Wal-mart sells them cheap