questionsdoes anyone watch the walking dead?


It looked to me like they picked up a bag. Possible one of the ones carried by the man they saw twice before who was pleading for them to stop. Looked like there was a lot of blood and gore on the side of the road just before they picked up the bag. Maybe his? Guess we'll find out more eventually.


@tbgolladay: I agree, I believe it was the backpack belonging to the guy who tried to get them to stop. I too assumed the gore on the road was his.


I really enjoyed the episode, well crafted. At the beginning, when you see the sign to "Erin", you see a minute later the walker with the "ERIN" jewelry. The backpack matched the guy who was looking for help at the beginning.

Pretty grizzly.


Spoiler Alert:

@lmensor: @tbgolladay: It absolutely was the Backpack carried by the guy asking for help.
I believe this character was put into this episode to show Rick is still changing. Seeing his old friend made him look softer then he has been for a while. His old friend tried to kill him 2x, not to mention his son and he let him live. New Rick would not do this.
The backpack with a person was something to avoid. The backpack without was worth stopping for.
I do not think the backpack will be in the next episode.
Note: I only watch The Walking Dead, I think The Talking Dead gives away too many hints.

This one used to drive me nuts.


I think it would have been great if the backpacker wasn't dead, but instead had just set his pack down and went to have a piss in the woods or something. Carl picks up the pack and they drive on, only to have the backpacker come running out of the woods onto the road at the end of the episode waving his arms and shouting because his stuff has just been stolen.

Comic relief!


I thought it was just lovely to have a whole episode without Andrea.


@sunnyx0r: Sorry pal but the backpack had blood on it.

I find this amazingly interesting: Carl almost killed his first human.


(SPOILER ALERT) I loved this episode. It was a great departure from the tension filled norm of the show (which I love too). I only wish we could get more than a cameo from Morgan.I am hoping that since they told him about the prison that something causes him to seek out Rick and he becomes part of the group.


@segafanalways: I would love to see more Morgan, he could be the gizmo guy. At least we know what he is up to now. I kept asking myself if they were going to bring him back. Too bad about his kid.