questionswhy bother with cell phone gloves?


If I'm walking from my car to work or something of that nature I'd like to be able to check messages and turn the ringer off on my touchscreen phone while walking in, and without removing a glove. Especially when it's very cold out. It's kind of a novelty, but hey, they work. I could also see them being useful if you were trying to change songs on an iPod Touch or similar device while walking outside during the winter.


Definitely old-curmudgeon category. Personally I like the mittens that unfold into fingerless gloves for my phone touching needs.


When you live somewhere that is consistently single digits for a few months at a time, the need for things like cell phone gloves becomes apparent.
Before I moved to NY I though heated seats and steering wheels were flat out ridiculous. OMG I love my heated seat and WISH I had a heated steering wheel for those below 0 mornings.


At first I didn't get it either. I'm in Florida though. Then I thought about all those who are out in the snow, that might want to listen to music, play a game, or take a call, without risking frostbite, or feeling like they are. Since I have seen these gloves quite reasonably priced, why not?

I just wish someone would make a good moisturizer glove that lets me use my reader, so I can stop smearing it up.


@thumperchick: The heat is out in my truck but my heated seats still work, it's an odd balance between comfort and inconvenience. It's to a point where I really need gloves for my morning drive. Fortunately it has been an oddly mild winter.


@thumperchick: That's odd, I live in one of those single-digit-months-at-a-time places. I can understand heated seats/steering wheels because there is no avoiding touching those things.