questionsare you excited for the xbox dashboard update?


I am excited for the cloud storage for saved games. I have always been concerned about being able to back up the hard drive since the Xbox basically doesn't allow it. I understand there are some cumbersome ways to do it, but I am hoping the cloud storage will make it nice for backing up and nice for playing on another console (thinking about putting one in another room now).

I am not excited for the entertainment aspect. I think it can be the beginning of something nice, but will probably be more of a gimmick for awhile.


I am, tired of being in this glitchy beta for it that keeps booting me and friends from Live.
The new features are nice and bad at the same time. I don't like the way the friends setup is now. You have to go through 3-4 screens to get to their profile.
Props and themes are almost useless now as they can't be seen unless you go through the 3-4 screens to get to the person.
There are WAY to many notifications now. "Xgamer is now playing THIS game" and beacons are annoying as all hell.
ESPN sucks more now than before unfortunately. The new layout is too much and annoying. The double screen showing is nice, but the app still fails. No NFL still. Still the same old stuff they have always had, just made to look prettier.

One nice addition is the 1 hour off timer now. UFC will be sweet once it's up. Looking forward to the T.V. channels coming soon too.

I hate more about this update than I like.

@wnyx585am: You only get a small amount of cloud storage and only if you are a Gold member.


I just want my YouTube access...


Update still isn't live yet. It has been "delayed". No time frame as of yet.

I did have to upgrade my Hulu app at lunch. The new layout for it is very nice and friendly.


@wickedd365: I saw that it was pushed. I know one of the objectives of this update was to get all the apps to look more similar. I.E. Last FM was on the original dashboard still. Good to know there will at least be a nicer interface for some things.

No excited to hear about how the friends list is turning out though. I don't need more clutter on my system.


@ptucker2: The layout is more like the Windows Phone and Windows 8. A bunch of blocks on each page with a title bar above each that you can quick scroll to.

Youtube won't be in the first set of channels, but in the later Dec set that will include UFC, Vudu and such.


@wnyx585am: I have been part of the Beta for the past couple of weeks. If they keep the storage the same it is only 512mb per live profile. While this is great for game saves it is kind of limiting.

The only thing I am worried about with the cloud saving is what if the servers or live goes down for an extended period of time. The way I am getting around that is to keep my older and less important game saves on it and my recent more important games on a local storage device.

I love the new dashboard, It took me a while to get used to it but it grows on you.