questionswhy did people get replacement bags of crap?


i have seen several threads of the bag of critter incident. (no, that isn't a diff name for the same product)
forget the replacement, i just want one to begin with.


@moosezilla: I thought the bag of critters was December, not January. The shirt I got was fine, I checked it thoroughly after hearing about That fiasco.


Last month they shorted a ton of the BOCs . You are suposed to get at least 3 items and 1 bag but people were only getting 2 or even 1 item.

Woot was already getting a bad rep for giving out the same boring crap to everyone and it was the 1st BOC after colonelcrap came out of nowhere with the promise of better crap. Instead of just sending another item, woot was sending a whole new BOC and the replacement BOCs were better than some of the original ones sent (mine included).


@sadsephiroth: Yeah, the box-of-critters was the Santa Sack. My (unexpected) replacement came a couple weeks ago. I still found bugs inside. :)


I got my Santa's sack and it certainly was brimming full of crap!


Bag of Critters, huh? I never checked mine for any. Well, I guess that means my hometown has a new species!


@narfcake: I didn't even ask for a replacement bag after throwing those towels went back for seconds???


@yrguide: The nice people at woot customer service sent some replacement crap to people who mentioned getting bugs in their bags. They didnt even have to report it to customer service as they took a proactive approach to fix the problem. They felt bad, and sent some more usable bugs in the form of a toy.


@lichme: Woot customer service is so awesome! I was so fed up after the Christmas crap I swore off the next round of BOCs so I kind of dialed out of future BOC discussion.


Out of 8 or 9 Bees of Cee, I've only ever got 2 replacements. One was because of bugs and the other only came with one crap and a bag.