questionsare gun deals no longer allowed?


We no longer allow firearm deals to be posted here.


@jumbowoot: Seems odd though, given that Woot is in Texas. Thanks for the reply :)


The 4th rule of deals.woot is as follows: "No guns (or ammo), sex toys (or lubes), porn magazines, live critters, counterfeit items, contests, auctions**, Etsy or other one-of-a-kind items, nudity in the thumbnails, comment SPAM, mystery boxes, or whining."

** Note: eBay storefronts selling 10 or more of an item through "Buy it Now" are not considered auctions.



@jumbowoot: out of curiosity, what happened? i know they used to be allowed.


@heymo: The first rule of deals.woot is you do not talk about deals.woot. The second rule of deals.woot is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT DEALS.WOOT!



It's in there somewhere. Interesting read if you haven't been through it yet.

Short version: It was decided that firearms were no longer a good fit for this community.


@dmmutti: Remember they were taken over by Amazon.


@luisibarra81: The gun deals were disallowed before the acquisition of Woot by Amazon. In addition, Amazon had a partial ownership for years before that. Things change. Even Woot.


To me it makes perfect sense that they wouldn't allow them. And I'm a guy who utterly despises Lawyers and political correctness and everything that goes along with the two.

However, there are a lot of regs that one has to follow (And for pretty good reasons) when it comes to selling firearms. There are some important verification actions that would be hard to really do well across the internet (Heck, just making sure you aren't selling to an 8 year old who slipped off with daddy's credit card for example).

All those combine to make me not want to sell firearms over the net and with Woot running this site I can very much see them sharing some of that responsibility.

And I'm a guy who would gladly sell AR15 and pistols with drum mags out of my car if I could do so responsibly.


@bingo969: Gun sales happen over the internet all the time. I've bought many firearms that way cause it's cheaper and easier. You still have to follow the rules like sending it to an FFL, etc.

The best answer really is that guns are a sensitive issue and the best way to address it is to not allow it. There are many other places to find your firearms, supplies, and accessories.

And before anyone starts on free speech and First Amendment issues, Amazon and Woot are publishers which gives them complete control over what's on their site. Further, your rights to free speech does not impose an obligation for another individual.


<--- rate ^ if you'd like to see james brady sell his shares of woot stock


@heymo: ammo doesn't seem to be an issue, or at least I've seen (and posted) ammo deals off and on the last 8 months or so. Not a lot of them, but a few are posted.


@mtm2: That's cool but I haven't seen any ammo postings at all and I'm on here many times a day. And I'm always on the hunt for cheap ammo for the range.


@mtm2: Au contraire, mon ami:

Per @jumbowoot, "Listings for firearms are not allowed. Listings for firearm ammunition are not allowed. All told."



So, given we cannot buy highly regulated items like guns or ammo here, what site(s) do you suggest?